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WILL (Extra) Rest

WILL (Extra) Rest

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Why buy one  when you need double?! Recovery is sacred and sleep is a critical aspect of performance. With our new Extra Rest set, you can now have one in each nightstand! 

  • WILL Rest Nightly Muscle Recovery Lotion gives your muscles and mind the rest and relaxation they need overnight, so you can stay active and keep performing. Formulated with a serene blend of Lavender and Geranium to support your best sleep and fused with Epsom Salts for recovery, our aromatherapy-inspired formula offers a soothing nightly recovery blend for anyone with an active lifestyle.
  • Designed with a custom angled applicator for a targeted and hands-free massage application, our rich and absorbent lotion encourages a steady recovery that will rest your body and benefit your everyday performance.
  • Our TSA-friendly size allows you to make good, recovery-focused sleep possible wherever you go...because who knows when you'll need some.
Because recovery is a multi-step process, we designed a full lineup for both pain relief and daily muscle care. Check out: WILL Relieve for numbing pain relief, WILL Cool for cooling pain relief, and WILL Soothe for daily restoring body and muscle care.
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